We have close connections with Scotforth St Paul’s Church of England Primary School, just up the road from the church. Clergy regularly take assemblies, participate in lessons and welcome the children and staff into church for worship. The vicar is a member of the governing body, together with other foundation members nominated by the PCC. St Paul’s also has contact and involvement with other schools in the local community.

Many of the children who worship at St Paul’s apply for a place at Scotforth St Paul’s Primary School and Ripley St Thomas Academy. The Vicar and/or a Church Warden is normally asked to countersign application forms, which confirms regularity of attendance at church. In order to make this process as accurate and as pastoral as possible, parents or guardians are asked to register their intentions to apply to a church school as soon as they start attending church. Registering intentions and appointments to get application forms signed can be made via the Parish Office.

Links to school websites:

Scotforth St Paul’s Primary School

Ripley St Thomas Academy


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