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PARISH NEWS 21st January 2021

Parish News:  We will be producing a parish news leaflet each week.  If you would like to contribute an article, ideas, prayer requests or a reason to celebrate then please email the office: .

We cannot guarantee that all submissions will be used and some items may be edited due to limited space.  We look forward to hearing your news and receiving your contributions.

We have received this week a newsletter from Colin and Audrey Gibson who work for the Church Mission Society – click here to view this.

As we haven’t been producing a monthly magazine, due to the Coronavirus and lockdown, we have been producing weekly resources which have been circulated either by email, or for those without access to the internet, through the postal service.

However, we do have people that advertise their services in our magazine for which they have paid an annual subscription which goes towards the production costs and we are very grateful for their continued support.  Below are the list of advertisers as they would have appeared in the magazine:

Advertisers April 2020


To view the Diocesan Monthly Magazine – The See – please click here.





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