Revd Canon Dr Anderson Jeremiah

I lecture in Theology and Politics in in the department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion at Lancaster University. I was ordained as a priest in the Church of South India (an Anglican Province), before moving to Edinburgh for my PhD studies. I served in the Scottish Episcopal Church for over six years before moving to Lancaster in 2012. I enjoy ministering alongside the Vicar, Rev Rebecca, who also happens to be my wife. I am an elected member of the General Synod representing Theological Education. My research interests and publications focus on the lived facet of World Christianity, and its theological and missional engagement with other faith communities and the wider society. I am deeply passionate about social and environmental justice as a Gospel imperative. My passion for working towards justice and peace as central to Christian Discipleship stems from my early experience as a Dalit Christian in India, which I strive to translate into global context, be it racism, religious hatred, xenophobia and environmental crisis. Having experienced overt and covert racism, at every sphere of social and religious life, I make a sincere effort to find ways to work for racial justice through his academic and church work. I am also committed to interfaith and ecumenical theological education within the church; hence I am currently involved in number of theological initiatives across the globe. My optimism and hopefulness is grounded in the love of Christ as captured by Paul in Romans 8:38-39, “Nothing can separate us from the love God that is revealed in Jesus Christ”. It is a real delight and privilege to serve God alongside Rebecca and as a family.   

You can contact Anderson via email.