Parish Hall Roof Appeal

St Paul’s Parish Hall Roof Appeal

We are delighted to be able to officially announce today, Tuesday 12th March 2019, that we have been awarded £115,000 to re-roof the Parish Hall.  This grant money has been allocated by the Community Fund from the National Lottery.

It is hoped that the work will commence at the end of March and will take approximately 6-8 weeks during which time the hall will remain fully open for all users.  The car park at the front of the hall will not be accessible during this time.

We are holding a celebration event, following the re-roofing, to acknowledge the funding received on 20th July and further information about this will be available very soon.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the surveys which provided evidence for our application and those involved in the grant application process.  It has been 18 months now since we began this journey but once the roof is replaced we can then start work on the internal decoration of some rooms.  Together, with voluntary help, the hall has now got a place in our community lives for many years to come.

The biggest thank you goes to the Community Fund team from the National Lottery for working with us to obtain the funding, special thanks to Aurora Trujillo from the National Lottery who has worked with Jayne Weatherill closely on this project.  We really do appreciate the new lease of life given to our community hall for future generations.

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