Roof Fund Appeal

We were first alerted to a problem with the roof when in 2014 small pieces of plaster started falling down. After consultations with the church architects, we were told that the church roof would have to be completely re-tiled. Over the years there has also been a problem with the heating system. A new system has been installed and now that the church is gradually drying out, further problems have come to light.

The figures from the Surveyor suggest that the work on the roof would cost over £560,000 and further work to the Chancel Tower and Apse (the semi circular part of he roof at the far east end of the church where the glorious ceiling paintings are) would cost just short of £67,600. After the VAT and the fees have been added the total comes to just over £825,000.

So far we have raised around £100,000 for the roof fund – an amazing achievement in just over two years! 2017 has been an extremely interesting and varied year, with events such as:

  • a sponsored hymnathon
  • a fashion show
  • jazz evening
  • flower demonstrations
  • Various talks – battleships and post boxes to name two
  • an “Everest” challenge
  • a Murder and Mystery Evening

However, our latest buildings report (2017) says there is up to 10 years life left in the roof which means we cannot yet go to grant making bodies. We are now liaising with the Archdeacon to see if it is worth exploring Grade 2* status to increase our chances of making successful grant applications.

The way forward……

We will also be approaching such grant making bodies as the Heritage Lottery Fund. If you would like to organise a fundraising event or make a donation towards the Roof Fund then please contact the Parish Office on (01524) 843135 for further information .